Design and Clip-art Sales
We have an extensive collection of clip art that are great for monuments. We have specialized clip art that is personalized and unique for your monument needs. We can also create clip art from your files or photos to meet your needs. Our clip art is available in a variety of file formats. Our drawings will work with Gerber, Monu-Cad, Signlab, Flexi Sign, CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, Visual Cadd, AutoCAd, and many others. 

Design Duplication and Fonts 
We can duplicate any design or lettering with the proper rubbings and photos. The best way to duplicate a design is to take a good rubbing and a high quality digital photo of the stone. Please be aware of any glare on the stone and try not to show the flash of the camera on the stone. Prices vary on this type of work and you should allow extra time for the software to be completed. Once it is finished it can be sent to you either by e-mail, disk, or pre-cut stencil. 

Pre-Cut Stencil
If you do your own sandblasting but would like a way to stop having to hand cut your designs and lettering on stencil, why not let us pre-cut your stencil for you. With our large selection of fonts, we can even give your stencil that hand cut look you are used to. We will send you a fax printout of your order for you to approve. So you still have the chance to review the names and dates before the actual stencil is cut. With precision cutting you are sure to have a great looking monument when it is complete. We cut and ship the stencil to you as soon as we receive your signed approval. 

Onsite Training
When you are ready to purchase Gerber software and plotters, think about your business. If you are a monument shop or funeral home, do you really want your training to be done by someone in the sign business? Our training is based on monumental drafting. With over 50 years combined experience in the monumental drafting industry, our knowledge is there to help you enter the computer age of monumental drafting with ease. And we make it easy by offering on-site training. There's no better place to train than at your location and with your equipment. This way once the training is complete, you have no software settings to adjust or confusing installation to worry about. 

Price: $750.00 per day (Saturdays preferable), plus airfare, car rental and, lodging. We sell Gerber software and plotters. We specialize in helping you create beautiful monuments.